Միջազգային գիտաժողովի հայտարարություն

Third International Youth Conference


By the initiative of the Union of Young Scientists and Specialists of Artsakh and with the support of the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of the Republic of Armenia and Mesrop Mashtots University the third international youth conference «The past, present and future of Armenian Statehood» will be organized in Stepanakert on 13-16 September, 2018. The conference is open for PhD students, young scientists and professionals (between the ages of 18-35 years old, except for the scientists invited by the Organization) from various higher educational institutions and scientific-research centers of Armenia, Artsakh and abroad.   

The spheres of the papers: social sciences such as Legal Studies, Political Science, International Relations, History, Psychology, Journalism and Economics are welcomed.

To participate please fill in the application form and send it to  together with your paper, scanned version of your academic supervisor’s agreement or a recommendation from a relevant chair (only for those not holding PhD degree) by 31 July, 2018.

The working languages of the conference are Armenian, Russian and English.

The research paper should correspond to the title of the conference.

The best papers will get published in the collection of separate issues according to the criteria of RA HQC.

The requirements for paper submission are as follows: the paper should be between 4-7 pages in Word 97-2003, formatting – A5 (148*210 mm), margins from all sides-18mm. They should be written in Times New Roman for English and Russian and Arial AMU for Armenian (the font can be downloaded from here).

On the top line of the first page include article heading capitalized and centralized: font -11pt, bold. A line below to the right write the name (names) and surname (surnames) of the author (authors): font -10pt.  A line below to the right writes the higher educational institution or scientific center, faculty, the status (a bachelor degree, a magistracy, postgraduate study): font- 9pt, italics). A line below include e-mail address of the author: font 9pt. From the next line include the academic degree, rank, name and surname of the research supervisor: font 9pt, italics. Then one line below include main text: font- 10pt, line spacing-1. The text has to be justified on both sides (Alignment: Justify). Begin the paragraph with 1 cm using the TAB.

References are obligatory: insert references at the bottom font 8 pt, line spacing- 1. The text of the reference has to be justified on both sides (Alignment: Justify).  The surname and the first letter of the name of the author of the used work (Bold letters), and then the name of work, the place of the edition, year, the page of the used information have to be presented.

Summaries in Armenian, Russian and English are obligatory. Include article heading one line below of the main text in the center of the line with capital letters, font 10pt and bold (Bold). A line below the name (names) and surname (surnames) of the author (authors) are written in the center font 10pt. One line below write “keywords” and give 4-6 keywords. One line below submit the short summary of the thesis with about 60-80 words (the main points, essence, aim, tasks, results).

Surfing this reference you can get acquainted with the example of report formation.

Articles inappropriate to above-mentioned requirements will not be considered.

Hаrutyunyan Avetik Hamlet,
Chairman of the organizing committee of the conference,
The founder and chairman of the Union of Young Scientists and Specialists of Artsakh, PhD in Legal Studies, Associate Professor, Lecturer at the Department of Legal Studies in Artsakh State University and the University of ”Mesrop Mashtots”.


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